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About Us


We specialize in CBDA capsules, salves & tinctures made from DEM Pure hemp. From our land we offer sun grown cannabis and are Maines original source for raw unfiltered subcritical Co2 extracts. Located in the unique microclimate that is Bowdoinham Maine, we are blessed with fertile soil and superior farming conditions. 


The land on which the farm sits has been historically farmed and since 2015 we have worked to reclaim portions of it. Open fields once overtaken by forest and have been selectively cleared to make way for permaculture gardens.

Through the use of hügelkulture, living soil beds, low till practices and cover cropping, we are able to grow our plants in microbe rich soils to produce beautiful, resinous, terpene rich flowers.

We grow, forage and harvest as many ingredients from the surrounding land as possible for use throughout our product lines.


DEM Pure Certified


     This medicinal product was made with 100% pure ingredients, using zero synthetics, chemicals/ pesticides, preservatives, unhealthy animal products or extractions with petrochemical solvents. It is grown with utmost respect for Mother Earth, the cannabis plant and its patients. The pure certification incorporates many Beyond Organic Closed Loop Systems; using plant biomass, geothermal technology, smart water systems, living soil and healthy pest management solutions. This certification ensures community building, rightful education, sharing of ideas, ecological practices, and the health and well being of the patients. Pure certified cannabis flowers and products were grown by a farmer that is utilizing solely regenerative and biologically intelligent cultivation practices. All of these pure certified standards create safe, healthy medicine that you can feel good about consuming.

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